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Laptop Getting Hot ? Act Now or Else.

Is your laptop getting hot, and the fan is loud ? Save your laptop before it dies. Get your fan cleaned now with our $40 Special before it's too late.

Spraying air in the vents only works when there is not much dust to begin with. When most people start to notice the fan getting loud and the laptop is getting hot then its time for a break down to physically clean the fan and vent. Blowing air could

stop the fan completely which is even worse.

If you don't have this procedure done soon. Your graphics chip and motherboard end up going out which will cost you a new motherboard or a whole new laptop.

So take advantage of our $40 cleaning special which includes. -total breakdown of fan and heatsink to remove collected dust -Removal of old thermal paste and new paste applied. -Professional reassembly of your laptop. -Professional cleaning of keyboard, screen and casing.

Keep your laptop running smoothly, bring your laptop in today.

11000 W. McNichols Suite 102 Detroit, Mi. 48221 Call Chico The Computer Guy 313-444-5137

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